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All DevResults users are provided with a default dashboard the first time they log in. Initially, this is a System Default dashboard provided with the DevResults site configuration. Users who have View & Edit permissions on Program Settings can designate a different dashboard as the default for their site.

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How the Default Dashboard Works

Each DevResults site can have only one default dashboard. The default dashboard appears for all new users. It is uneditable by users who see it. Changes to the default dashboard will show up when a user refreshes the dashboard, navigates back to it, or logs in next.

Users can remove the dashboard from their dashboard view by clicking the X at the right end of the dashboard's tab:

Change the Default Dashboard

Users with the View & Edit permission on Program Settings can designate a different dashboard as the default for their site.

From the Dashboard home, click the Manage dashboards button in the upper right.

This will open the Manage Dashboards Index. The Default column will show a checkmark for the current default dashboard:

To change the default, click on the dashboard you'd like to make the new default. This will open the Configure Dashboard pop-up.

In the Configure Dashboard pop-up, check the box next to Use as the default for new users. Then click Done.

Note: To make a dashboard the default, the dashboard must be Shared. The Use as the default for new users checkbox is disabled if the dashboard isn't currently shared.

Once you set a dashboard as the default, you will not be able to unshare it. You'll have to designate a new default dashboard first, and then you can uncheck the Share with others box.

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What if I don't want to use my own default anymore?

The System Default dashboard cannot be deleted, so you can click on it and check it as the Use as the default for new users box at any time. If you delete your default dashboard without selecting a replacement, the site will default back to the System Default.

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