Data Source: Enter indicator results directly

To enter indicator results directly into DevResults per reporting period, the indicator's Data Source must be set to Enter indicator results directly. Selecting this option means that you will report the actual count, sum, or average for the indicator.

In this example, you would enter the numeric result for "# prefecture-level administrators trained", such as 42. Indicator results can be entered directly per activity, per reporting period, per geographic place, and per demographic disaggregation (such as per age group and per gender).

The options for entering indicator results directly include:

The difference between entering indicator results directly and populating from a data table is that the latter would allow you to add a list of the specific administrators who were trained. If you do not wish to include a spreadsheet with the names or IDs of each individual or thing that you are counting, then "enter indicator results directly" is the appropriate choice for your data source.

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