Covid-19 Rapid Deployment of DevResults Sites

DevResults is a small company, dedicated to creating, building, and implementing software as a technology platform to create standards for monitoring and evaluation in the international development and humanitarian sector. We are responding to the global Covid-19 pandemic in partnership with our clients and users, many of whom are responding to newly emergent threats as we speak. 

DevResults has had the fortune of being a distributed, remote company for over a decade. We have existing processes and cultural norms in place that make remote work part of our standard operating procedure. Nonetheless, we have partners, siblings, parents and children struggling to adapt to the world that is changing around us. We stand together with those families and companies who are impacted by this global pandemic and extend our heartfelt gratitude to those working on the front-lines. 

As the global pandemic continues to stress our public health system, we look to history as a guide for best practices in data management and decision-making during a pandemic. As we saw during the Ebola epidemic in 2015, strong technology partnerships enable healthcare workers to contain the spread of disease, manage the crisis, and learn from the experience. We understand the value of implementing proven, purpose-built software that enables users to focus on doing their jobs, not sorting out the tech. As a technology provider, partnerships like this enable us to create a data ecosystem for our users that builds trust and speeds adaptation. 

The international development community and domestic public health agencies are searching for these proven technologies to help respond to the pandemic. Since our founding in 2004, our company has created technology that has been used across these sectors to support monitoring, evaluation, and learning. 

Data management in a crisis

A platform that enforces data quality and provides an end-to-end process, from data entry to analysis, supports the entire response system to work together cohesively and efficiently. Platforms that are brand new, pivoting to a new sector, or require piloting do not have the infrastructure or processes in place to meet the required data needs. As we know, time is of the essence during a crisis response, and decision-makers don’t have time to wait on ongoing development. 

DevResults includes tools for data capture, analysis, reporting, visualizations, project management, and team collaboration. DevResults enables users to streamline fragmented data processes into a single proven system, allowing them to look past the software and focus on the task at hand. 

From our foundational data model, DevResults enables users to:

DevResults is committed to providing our platform for organizations managing the Covid-19 response and will rapidly deploy a fully-functional DevResults site available within 24 hours. For more information on our platform and the work we are supporting around the world, please contact us at

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