Why Does My Reporting Webpage or Template Have No Rows?

The Problem: 

You are trying to report data. You've selected your activity's reporting period, and clicked on an indicator for which you want to enter data -- but there are no rows in which to enter data.

First, here's some background information necessary for understanding this problem:

All indicators are defined with a specific geographic disaggregation, or what we call a "Reporting Level". There are two types of reporting levels:

1) Locations/Facilities are identified by a set of coordinates

2) Administrative Divisions are associated with a shape file that denotes an area on a map

If your indicator is defined with "Location or facility" as its reporting level, then the rows for your reporting page should be locations/facilities.

If your indicator is defined with an administrative division (such as district or region) for its reporting level, then the rows in your template should be districts or regions, etc.

The Solution:

If your reporting webpage or template has no rows for data entry, the most common problem is that your activity is not matched to any locations, districts, etc., for this reporting period. If you're a partner user, you do not have permissions to assign locations, facilities, or administrative divisions to an activity. You'll need to get in touch with the folks you report to.

The managers of this site will then need to:

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