System Announcements

Ever notice how DevResults occasionally posts site announcements in banners at the top of your site?

As a site administrator, you too can use system announcements to communicate major deadlines, milestones, or news to all of your DevResults users. Here's how:

First, hover over the Administration menu and select System Announcements:

This will open an index page showing all existing System Announcements:

To add a new system announcement, simply click in the Title column in an empty cell:

The Title will appear in bold on the left in the announcement banner bar; the Text will appear as regular text.

The Appear Date tells the system when to start displaying the announcement. The Disappear Date tells it when to stop to. You must check the Display? box to actually show the announcement. (By default, we will keep it hidden until you click this so you can make edits and get it exactly how you want before you release it to all your users!)

So here's what a sample configuration would look like:

And how it displays in the site:

Advanced Settings

For advanced users, you can also use regular html to embed links, email addresses, etc., directly in your system announcements. There are plenty of resources available for free for html things, but here are a couple samples:

Add a hyperlink to your announcement:

<a href='url you want to link to'>Link text as you want it to appear to a reader</a>


So here's sample text from one of my system announcements with a link to a blog post:

Curious how we spent the last year? Check out our <a href=''>2015 Retrospective</a> blog post!

If you want the link to open in a separate window when someone clicks on it, you can add target="_blank":

Curious how we spent the last year? Check out our <a href='' target="_blank">2015 Retrospective</a> blog post!

Include an email link:

<a href=''>Email link text</a>


Still have questions? <a href=''>Email Kate!</a>