Roadmap for Data Management

The most challenging element of our work is helping organizations implement plans for using our software. Rolling out data systems across an organization requires aggressive change management processes and a big investment in making them work. We collaborated with MERL/Tech workshop participants to create a start-to-finish roadmap for choosing and implementing a data management platform.

Download the Roadmap

This roadmap covers a range of steps, questions, potential pitfalls, and suggestions for an organization seeking to refine results management, specifically around choosing and implementing tools for doing so. We encourage folks to use this list in any way that works for you.

To use this roadmap, we recommend you:

1) Customize the list for your organization

2) Classify the priority level of different steps

3) Seek buy-in at your organization

4) Assign responsibilities

5) And most importantly, grant authority to make decisions and act.

Please get in touch if you have anything to add or discuss. We’re thinking about ways to turn the roadmap into a collaborative knowledge management tool for this community and we welcome your thoughts.

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