Formula Indicator Results Missing from Pito

The Problem: You've set up a new formula indicator, hit "Recalculate Results", and checked the Targets & Data tab. You see data and a graph. Then, you hop over to Pito to run a report on this indicator, and see an unpleasant message: "No results were found - please try a different search". Potentially, you might not see your indicators listed at all.

Before you submit a ticket to us, please check on two things:

First, if you were unable to find your formula indicators in the results frameworks, click on "Indicator Types" in the lower left and unselect "Hide computed indicators." Now you should be able to find your formula indicators in the lefthand panel.

Second, take a look at your Indicator's Definition tab, specifically the Disaggregation section:

Note that the "Results are reported separately for each activity" box is checked but NO activities have been explicitly assigned. That combination prevents Pito from displaying indicator results properly.

How to fix this issue: Assign activities to this indicator.

Activities need to be assigned to this indicator if they report on the indicators referenced in the formula. Assign activities to the indicator by clicking on "+ To add an activity, start typing its name..." and select one or more of your activities.

Note: If you uncheck this box, Pito will still recognize which Activity the formula indicator's results came from, so things will show up properly in Pito after you Refresh Data there. However, the indicators Targets & Data tab and Reports tab will not be filtered/viewed by Activity.

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