Feature requests

Client-Inspired Software:

Development of DevResults is driven by the requests and needs of our clients. Our best features are inspired by you, so we love hearing your ideas about how we could improve the site.

Submit a Feature Request:

If you would like to submit a suggestion for a new or improved feature, please email us. Be as specific as possible, including the problem you are trying to solve, a link to or screenshots of the page you are talking about, or even a quick sketch of how you would like something to work.

DevResults Deadlines:

Submitting a feature request does not mean that we will implement the idea, and DevResults generally does not commit to timelines for adding new features. Rest assured that if your idea is awesome, we will implement it as fast as we possibly can.

All Features are for All Clients:

DevResults is a single piece of software, meaning that the tools on your site are the same as the tools on everyone else's site. This means that you benefit from other clients' good ideas. When you think about potential DevResults features, focus on what tools would be useful to other organizations as well.

For example, your organization's theme song might be O Fortuna, and you would like it to play whenever people log in to the site.

  • Instead of playing O Fortuna whenever DevResults opens, we would allow clients to add their own theme song.
  • This is the difference between customizing the software (which we do not do) versus allowing configuration of your site (which is how DevResults works).
Note: we are not going to add any theme song features.
Didn't answer your question? Please email us. We're here to help.