Dropbox Integration: Enable it for your site

DevResults provides unlimited document storage, but we also offer integration with Dropbox. Currently, this integration is available for:

  • Documents (Global Documents): Site-wide documents accessed through the global navigation at the top of every DevResults page
  • Activity Documents: the Documents tab within an individual activity
  • Indicator Documents: the Documents tab within an individual indicator

Using Dropbox for these documents is a site-wide setting, and you must have View & Edit access to the Program Settings page to enable or disable it and link individual Documents tabs to Dropbox folders.

There are two steps in this process:

  1. Enable Dropbox storage for your site & link your Global Documents to a Dropbox folder
  2. Link individual Activity Documents and Indicator Documents tabs to specific folders in your Dropbox account. See [this page] for instructions on this step.

Enable Dropbox Storage for Your Site

To enable Dropbox storage for your site, go to Administration > Program Settings.

When the Program Settings page opens, scroll to the Document Storage section and click the circle next to Use a Dropbox account:

Then click the Connect your account button:

You'll be redirected to a Dropbox authentication window. (You may need to log into Dropbox if you aren't already logged in.) The screen display will vary based on your Dropbox account settings, but it will provide a list of the Dropbox accounts you have and ask which one you want to link to DevResults. In the example here, I have a Personal account and a DevResults team Dropbox account. Simply click the button for the account you want to link:

Once you click to select an account, you should be redirected back to the Program Settings page, and you'll now see a section for Selecting a Folder for Global Documents. Click the arrow to the left of the Root folder and any subfolders to expand the folder hierarchy to find the folder you want to use for Global Documents:

 Once you find it, simply click to select it. It will change to a grey highlight, and the full path of the folder will appear at the bottom:

You can change this Global Documents selection at any time by simply clicking on a different folder, and you can also change your entire site to a different Dropbox account by clicking the Connect your account button again and redoing all the above steps.

Once the Dropbox integration is configured for your site, you'll need to link the Documents tabs for individual activities and indicators to subfolders in your Dropbox account.

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