Editing an Existing Location

Sometimes you may get more detailed GPS coordinates, or notice a typo in a Location name, or want to add a tag to a Location for better sorting. These are all great reasons to edit a location.

Who can edit an existing location?

Any user who belongs to a group with View & Edit permissions on Geographic Information may edit locations.

How do I edit an existing location?

From any page, go to Administration > Locations.

This will open the Locations Index. Click on the location you want to edit:

This will open the Location Details page. To edit the Name, Code, Notes, Tags, Description, Primary Contact, Phone, or Address, simply edit the existing fields.

If you need to edit geographic information for this location, there are three different ways to change GPS coordinates for a location.

  1. If you know the coordinates, edit the text boxes for Latitude and Longitude. 
  2. If you know roughly where the location needs to be, zoom in on the map, click on the blue circle, and drag it to where the location belongs.
  3. If you don't know where the location should be (only that it's not in the right place), click the Look up location button. This will open a search option that uses Google Map search. Type in as much information as you have for the address or placename and click the Look up button. The system will adjust the latitude/longitude coordinates based on the Google search it performs. (Pay attention to the latitude and longitude here:)
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