Edit Language Translations

DevResults allows users to edit the language translations on their site.

To do so, the user will need to have permission to edit language translations. You can set this permission for a group of users under the Administration > Groups menu.

Note: If you are not able to view or edit this page, then you do not have permission to modify group permission levels. Please speak to your supervisor. 

Select the user group that will need to edit translations. Make sure that "Text Translations" is set to "View & Edit". "Translator" should be checked below.

Now, go to the Administration > Text Translations menu.

There are two options for editing text translations:

  • Click on the text you'd like to edit and type directly into the cell. In the "New" column, an orange warning sign notes the text that has not yet been reviewed. On the left you can filter the view to only the text that has not yet been reviewed.
  • Alternatively, you can edit the translations offline in a spreadsheet and then re-upload them. Click on "Export Translations" to download a Microsoft Excel file with these translations.

You can edit the translations offline in this Excel file and upload them at any time.

When you click "Import Translations", you will get a popup menu where you can select the file of translations. Choose your file and then click "Import translations".

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