Edit Dashboard

When you log in to DevResults, the first page you see is your dashboard. Each user can design their dashboard to show information relevant to them. Dasboards are edited by editing, arranging, resizing, adding, and removing widgets.

Add a Widget

To add a widget, click on "Add Widget" in the bottom right of the dashboard.

Select which type of widget you'd like to add and click "+ Add".

The widget will appear at the bottom of your dashboard. You might need to scroll down to find it. The widget will appear with default formatting and information. Edit the widget by clicking on the gearbox in the top left of the widget.

In this example, the widget shows a graph of targets and actuals for one indicator. You can change the name of the widget, the color, and which indicator is displayed. Then click "Done".

You can reposition the widget by dragging/dropping the colored bar at the top. You can resize it by clicking/holding the lower right-hand corner while adjusting the size.

Types of Widgets

There are nine types of widgets that you can show on your dashboard:

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