Dropbox Integration: Linking Individual Activity & Indicator Documents tabs to Dropbox folders

Once the Dropbox integration is configured for your site, you can link the Documents tabs for individual activities and indicators to subfolders in your Dropbox account.

Go to the Documents tab for the activity or indicator. If you've properly set up Dropbox to your site, you'll see a warning that document storage has not been set up for this activity:

Click the Configure button in the upper right corner of the Documents tab:

You'll see a pop-up with the folder hierarchy in your Dropbox account. Click the arrows to expand the folder tree:

Then click on the folder you want to associate with this activity or indicator:

As soon as you make a selection, DevResults saves it. The page will refresh in the background to display all the subfolders and files in that Dropbox folder. Click Done to close the pop-up.

This activity or indicator is now configured to use the Dropbox folder you assigned; all users with appropriate permissions will be able to view, edit, and delete documents here as if they are DevResults documents!

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