DevResults API

An API (Application Program Interface) lets you access components of one application for use in another. DevResults' API allows you to pull information from your DevResults site to use or display in another application or website.

How do I use the API?

Have your engineers talk to our engineers.

What is available via your API

The basic information for an instance is available in a read-only format via the API. More complex things like indicator results are not currently available. We're not accepting input via the API at this time. For details about our API, please see our API documentation.

Currently, you can retrieve information about the following things:

  • Awards (Activities)
  • AdminDivisions
  • AttributeValues (Disaggregations)
  • Contacts (Users)
  • Groups
  • Indicators
  • Locations
  • Organizations
  • Photos
  • ReportingPeriods
  • ResultsFrameworks
  • Sectors
  • Tags
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