Define a Default Reporting Cycle for an Indicator

Indicators all have a default reporting cycle. For example, the indicator # of trainees might usually be reported quarterly, and # of graduates might usually be reported annually.

This page will explain how to set an indicator's default reporting cycle. If you've not already defined your reporting cycles, you'll want to do that first

To define an indicator's default reporting cycle, go to Results > Indicators.

This will open the Indicators Index. Click on the Indicator you'd like to edit.

In the Characteristics section of the Definition tab, find the Default Reporting Cycle dropdown. Select the cycle you'd like to set as the default for this indicator. 

In this example, we've set the default reporting cycle to "Quarterly". Now, whenever you assign this indicator to an activity, the activity will automatically be set to report it quarterly.

If you'd like to change the frequency that certain activities report on certain indicators, please see our page on assigning reporting cycles to indicators for activities.

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