Data Table Variations: Count All

This tool lets you count entries (rows) in your data table. For basic information about mapping indicators to data tables, first see Data Source: Populate from a Data Table.

To create a Count All indicator, set the data table Calculation to Count All.

The result for this indicator mapping will be a count of all the rows in the data table.

What result do I get from Count All?

Have a look at this User Trainings data table:

Count All would give the result of 20. There are 20 rows.

Adding filters

When using Count All, you can add filters as usual. Filters are a way of ignoring any rows of your data table that do not meet the criteria that you define. In this case, the indicator will pull data from the data table only where the column Number Days Attended is greater than 0.

For the data table above, this mapping would still give you a result of 20 because all rows have more than 0 Number Days Attended.

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