Clear DevResults Cookies

When DevResults makes software upgrades or rebuilds your site, you should not need to clear your cookies or site data. However, sometimes there's a traffic jam in the interwebs that gives you an error like this:

If DevResults or your supervisor has confirmed that it looks like you should be able to log in, you can usually resolve the issue by clearing your cookies.

This process varies based on the version of Chrome you're using.

Step 1: Clear DevResults cookies:

  • Older versions of Chrome: Chrome/Settings/Privacy/Content Settings/Cookies/All Cookies and Site Data
  • New versions of Chrome: Chrome/Settings/Show advanced settings/Privacy/Content settings.../Cookies/All cookies and site data

Step 2: If that doesn't work, try clearing all cookies and cached content.

  • Newer versions of Chrome: Chrome/Settings/Show advanced settings/Privacy/Clear browsing data...

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