Assign Passwords to New Users

When you create new users (or when you use DevResults for the first time), you must assign users passwords. You can use DevResults to send people random passwords or you can set a user's password to something specific.

Send All New Users a Random Password

To send randomly generated passwords to all new users at once, go to Administration > Users.

This will open the Users Index. Click the gear cog in the upper right and click on Reset All Blank Passwords.

This will open a confirmation window. You cannot undo resetting blank passwords. Click Yes to confirm and reset blank passwords for all users.

Send One New User a Random Password

To send a randomly generated password to just one new user, click on a single user and scroll down to Security. Click on Assign new password.

The random password is displayed in the popup. Click Save. If you've checked the box next to Send an email with the new password, they will receive this password via the email address associated with their account.

Send One New User a Specific Password

Alternatively, to send a new user a password of your choosing, click "choose a different password".

Type in the password and click "Save".

If you are unable to access any of these options, then you do not have permission to grant new users passwords. Please speak with your supervisor.

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