Add an Activity

To add a new Activity in DevResults, click on the "Activities" menu at the top of every page.

Click "+ New Activity".

Note: If you cannot complete this function, then you do not have permission to add activities in DevResults. Please speak with your supervisor. 

In the popup, give the activity a name and click "+ Create Activity".

You can give the activity other identifiers:

  • Short Name - such as the name everyone uses when speaking about the activity
  • Reference Number - such as the grant number
  • Code - such as if you use an additional internal code for the activity

You can add narrative information about the activity.

To configure a new activity in DevResults for reporting indicator results, the activity must be associated with a number of other elements in DevResults to enable some functions. Other fields are optional.

  • Status: You must select a status to find this activity when filtering by status.
  • Mechanism: You must select a mechanism to find this activity when filtering by mechanism.
  • Dates: You must add dates in order for this activity to appear on the timeline or to find this activity when searching by date.
  • Reporting Periods: You must add the reporting periods for which this activity will report indicator results or narrative results.

  • Results and Indicators: You must assign the indicators for which this activity reports data.
  • Technical Sector: You must assign a technical sector to find this activity when filtering by technical sector.
  • Tags: You must assign tags to find this activity when filtering by tags.

  • Organization Info: You must add the partner organization that will manage this activity in order to enable that organization's DevResults users to report indicator results and narrative results for this activity.
  • Partner Type: You can select a Partner Type to indicate what type of partner relationship this is.
  • Primary Contact: You can optionally add the primary contact for this activity.
  • To add organizations, users, or partner types, click the relevant buttons below the grid. Once you've added them, clicking the Done button will bring you back to this screen.

  • Staff Roles: You must assign users in order for those users to be included in emails generated by DevResults about reporting activity and from communication in the Discussion tab.

Finally, for this activity to be completely set up for reporting indicator results and narratives for each of its reporting periods, you must:

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