Add a Reporting Period

To add a new Reporting Period, hover over the Results tab at the top of any screen and select Reporting Periods.

This will open the Reporting Periods Index page. Click the + New Reporting Period button in the lower right.

Note: If you cannot complete this function, then you do not have permission to add reporting periods in DevResults. Please speak with your site administrator.

In the Create New Reporting Period window that opens, enter a name for the new reporting period and click the + Create Reporting Period button in the lower right.

This will open a Reporting Period detail page using the name you provided.

If you need to edit the name already assigned to this reporting period, simply click in the title and make edits there.

If your site has more than one reporting cycle, you must select the appropriate reporting cycle for this reporting period. (If your site only has one reporting cycle, you won't see this option.)

The Reporting Period Dates will be used to designate the Start and End dates for the reporting period. The Submission Period Dates will be used to determine when data may be entered for the reporting period. All four fields must contain dates.

If you are creating the next reporting period in a cycle that already has had activities reporting, you can use the Assign previous activities button to automatically assign all the activities that reported on the previous reporting period to this one. For example, in creating a FY 2019 Q1 reporting period, clicking this button will assign all the activities that were assigned to the FY 2018 Q4 reporting period.

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